Exercise 5- photo montage

I like the second one more (all black and white) because the image blends so well together and it makes it seem like I only used one image but in reality I used more than 3. Also it creates such a unique design that it could be easily use for a poster or t-shirt.


Exercise 3- photo edeting

well as you can see i decided to make the image black and white. all i really did was mess around with the brightness and the Black and white. I think my

editing was successful because the black and white really makes the lines stand out and it makes the image easier to see.


I like this picture because I like the contrast between the black, red and white. the colors just blend so well together and it creates an easy image to look at. Also i like how simple the design is, and yet it creates such a strong image. everything just seems so well placed together and the meaning speaks out for itself. This is one of my favorite album covers =)